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Types of Advertising Available

These ads may be sent to the members of just one site or divided between the members of 2 sites or all 3 sites. The sites you may chose to have them sent to are:
Angel Emails, Mountain Mama Mail, Pets Paid Mail  
If you want guaranteed visitors, this is the best option. You will receive guaranteed, unique visitors to your website. Your text or banner ad will appear in our members Paid to Visit/Click area. Your link or banner will remain in our member area until you receive the number of visitors you purchase.
Rotating Banner Impressions:
Your banner is inserted into our banner rotation at the top of each page of the website. This is a great way to catch peoples' interest. Just as much publicity as, if not more than, advertising in the member e-Mails. The banners will be displayed on every page of the site, randomly mixed in with other banners.
Send a non targeted email to the number of members you select. This is best suited for when targeting is not desired, and you wish to reach a greater number of people across many different interest groups.
Targeted Paid Emails:
Send a targeted email to the members a select interest group. Searches and PTP ads are two types of ads that are always targeted.
Front Page Sponsor Links:
Your text ad displayed on the front page of the website. This is a great way to catch people's interest, and keep your program's name in people's minds for a low cost. Recommended Program Text Link (max. 25 characters) 
PTP Page Rotator Sponsor Links:
Have your site link viewed thousands of times each day! Each time a random advertising site appears, your link on the left side of the page will be in view.  
Webmaster Sponsor Links:
For each link to  ANGELEMAILS, MOUNTAIN MAMA MAIL, PETSPAIDMAIL, WINDYBS, WINDYB'S ADVERTISING AND/OR WINDYB'S BEEN PAID that you publish on the front page of your site, I will publish your link on the front page of these sites. In other words, if you publish the link to AngelEmails on your site, the link to your site will be published at AngelEmails. If you publish the link to AngelEmails and MountainMamaMail, your link will be published at AngelEmails and MountainMamaMail. If you publish the link to ALL 6 sites, then your link will be published at ALL 6 sites.
(Your link will remain on our page as long as our link remains on your page.)


Angel Emails

Mountain Mama Mail

Pets Paid Mail





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